About Us

As Golden Reklam, we have been working with the principle of Unconditional Customer Satisfaction for the last 15 years in Istanbul and we are constantly improving ourselves in order to move our institutions and organizations to better places.

We have developed our service philosophy within the framework of the concept of ‘Quality’ and ‘On Time Service’. In line with this understanding, in all components of the process, we based on the quality component. Thus, we have combined high efficiency and product / service quality with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

As Golden Reklam, we are at your side with quality and trouble-free service in all of your POSM applications. We provide services with the right solution in all kinds of applications such as Vehicle Coating, Building Facade Dressing, Signboard, Foil Cutting, Foil Printing Application, Signage, Letter Cutting and Application, POP POS Displays, Acrylic fabrication, Exhibition Stand Application and Shop Window Showcase Applications.

We want to give you the best service in terms of print quality as well as your designs and advertising. For this reason, we have an experienced technical and design team. Our creative team uses all of its energy to find the most suitable creative idea for our valued customers. Moreover, we not only find a good and creative idea, but also help the idea to meet the target audience in the best and most accurate channels.

If you want to add a new one to the traces you leave with your achievements in the field you work in, we are adding your idea to the continuity of this track and to increase its depth.

Golden Reklam is at your side with quality and trouble-free service and experienced design and technical staff in all your POSM applications.

We always wish to share success and happiness with you…

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